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Portuguese photographer Filipa Scarpa has won the top prize in the FEI Solidarity World Photo Grand Prix for her stunning image of the Lusitano stallion Xisto

ANGEL HORSE IMAGE WINS FEI SOLIDARITY WORLD PHOTO GRAND PRIX 14 Aug 2014 Portuguese photographer Filipa Scarpa has won the top prize in the FEI Solidarity World Photo Grand Prix for her stunning image of the Lusitano stallion Xisto. The FEI Solidarity World Photo Grand Prix competition, aimed at uncovering photographic talent around the world in 2014, the Chinese Year of the Horse, was launched in May by the Fédération Equestre Internationale with Action Images/Thomson Reuters, asking amateur and professional photographers to submit images that capture an aspect of equestrian sport and lifestyles in a memorable and eye-catching way. Lisbon-born Scarpa, who fell in love with photography 10 years ago, has won over 90 national and international competitons, with her images being showcased this year at the Sony World Photography Awards exhibition and on NASA’s Earth Observatory website. Normandy Twist She shot her FEI Solidarity World Photo Grand Prix-winning image on location at the wine producer Quinta da Lagoalva de Cima, in Portugal’s Tejo region, which also runs a stud for Lusitano horses. “I love horses more than wine, and instead of photographing the spectacular vineyards, I headed to the stables where I saw this beautiful horse,” she explained. “The light was fantastic, the horse was perfectly positioned in the middle of the window, and I took the shot in a split second. If he had moved an inch, this image would not have been possible. It was an amazing and lucky moment.” Unbeknown to Scarpa at the time, Xisto is a successful Driving horse and has been nominated to compete with Portugal’s Manuel Campilho Holstein at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy, which start in just nine days. Scarpa’s prize is an all-expenses-paid assignment with Thomson Reuters at the Games. “This is an amazing twist of fate, and I really hope I meet Xisto again, this time in Normandy! I have four sons, and my fifth is my camera. Photography is my life, and winning this competition is my biggest achievement so far”, she said. “The entries across each category were of an extremely high calibre, which meant the judges had a tough time coming up with the short-list and overall winner”, Alan Whiter, Vice President of Action Images said. “The winning image captures the imagination of the viewer as it almost looks like a painting. The layers of depth, light and symmetry make for a really striking image.” Scarpa also won the Horse Portrait category of the FEI Solidarity World Photo Grand Prix, one of nine categories for which over 3,500 images were entered. http://www.fei.org/news/angel-horse-image-wins-fei-solidarity-world-photo-grand-prix

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Mosquitoes Tornado - The story

The pictures were taken in Leziria Grande at Vila Franca de Xira, about 30 Km of Lisbon It was the 9th of March, 2004, and I was finishing my work that day and started to organize to go back, after an entire day of taking photos around. Suddenly, I noticed that there was a strange whirlwind a bit far from where I was. At first it seemed to be just a wind phenomenon and it was moving from the left to the right. after seconds of hesitation, as I thought it was coming towards me and had no time to use the tripod after a few seconds I pointed my camera at it and began shooting. Anyway the will of capturing the moment spoke louder and I stood there and took several photos, trying to register everything that was surrounding me. I really wanted to capture it before it reached me. I felt a bit fearful and nervous as there was no place to hide. The animals were very nervous, what contributed to feeling more anxious with the situation. I was at least 300 meters away from the twister, and I used a 200mmm lens to capture the image with my Nikon D3. However, it didn’t move. So, I got into the car and started driving towards it. Closer to it I then realized it was not the wind but mosquitoes whirl winding. In the picture you can notice that that those two horses standing near me looked very upset for having so many mosquitoes moving around them. The horses were nervous and being stung by the many insects, which were surrounding us and didn’t make part of the whirlwind. There were in fact many mosquitoes besides the ones inside the phenomenon. I must emphasize that at the beginning I didn’t realize that the whirlwind was actually formed by mosquitoes. If I had known it was mosquitoes from the start, maybe I wouldn’t have stayed there and I wouldn’t have taken the photos. It might be interesting to add that that place is known for having many mosquitoes as there are many water channels to transport water to the fields and to animals.